Welcome to Ewada



Ewada has delivered various activities for the people live the region of Togdheer, Somaliland. The organisation has distributed livestock (mainly goats and sheep) to the poor families and widows for income generation, in rural areas. Also the organisation has distributed sheep meats to the poor families, widows and orphans and people with psychological issues.


Ewada supplied and distributed food packs (rice, flour, oil) to those who cannot afford it.
Furthermore, we have purchased a minibus to transport the orphans to their school, pick them up from their houses in the morning and to bring them back in the evening.


Ewada has built an orphan centre and for their living and schooling are fully paid by the organisation with Diaspora sponsorship. These educational classes also accommodate widow with no previous formal education.


Ewada has carried out variety of different mini and major projects including sponsoring orphans, digging water wells, QURBANI distribution, food packs (rice, Flower and sugar), Medicine and establishing learning centres.